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cauliflower rice recipes

Cauliflower rice is basically a form of self-trickery: you stick the cauliflower in the blender and voila! Tiny little white pieces that look and almost feel like rice in your mouth, ready for healthy substitution in your favorite starchy meals. Cauli sometimes gets a tough wrap as an albino veggie, always made fun of by its leafy, bright green friends. But don't be fooled; cauliflower is a powerhouse of vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate (hear that pregger ladies?) Here are 5 delicious cauliflower rice recipes from around the web that have us all hot for cauli....  [More]

green detox juice popsicles

It's summer, and you're hot. So instead of making froyo or soft-serve part of your nightly routine, why not make your own, healthier frozen treats? These five popsicle recipes will make your mouth water, literally and figuratively. Fresh ingredients like avocado, kale and herbs throw a grown-up twist on the popsicle craze, and a little bit of fruit, coconut, and agave trick you into believing they're more sinful than they actually are. Suck 'em up, why don't you?...  [More]

the vegan barbecue recipes

Being vegan doesn't mean you can't enjoy a barbecue. A BBQ, after all, is just a "gathering where food is cooked out of doors on a rack over an open fire or on a portable grill." We can think of plenty of fruits and veggies worthy of that open fire! We poked around and hand-picked the most mouth-watering recipes we could find for your vegan barbie - you won't believe the recipes that some of these talented bloggers have come up with. Bon appetit!...  [More]

zucchini fritter recipes

Zucchini fritters are typically greasy, caloric, and delicious (we're being honest here). If you're looking to experiment with firtters, start here. We've picked 5 recipes, from the basic to the untraditional, that you'll love. There are ways to make fritters healthier (bake'm!) and there are ways to change their flavor profile (add complimentary veggies to the batter!) and there are ways to use the fritters to substitute in traditional recipes for an unexpected pop. No matter how you end up making your frits, check out these yummy recipes for inspiration!...  [More]

salads with bacon

Vegan and vegetarian friends, this one's not for you (unless you use a bacon-tasting substitute). But for the rest of us who are just trying to trick ourselves into eating healthy day after day, have we got some wonderful recipes for you. These crisp, fresh salads are healthy to the core - and does a little bacon really hurt now and then? The stuff is a great salty contrast to fruit or a sweet dressing as well. Enjoy!...  [More]