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trending in los angeles weekly list

Who's got the Friday wiggles? Every best way to burn off a week of waiting for Friday is probably to punch, run, kick, or bounce. Check out one of these trendy instructors to kick off your weekend!...  [More]

nyc fit week

Fitness rockstar and entrepreneur Emily Cook Harris has put together another killer event in NYC - and it starts today! Fit Week is an annual event that unites NYC for fitness + philanthropy. By attending select workout classes the week of May 11-17, 2015 (THIS WEEK GUYS), participants are supporting nonprofit organizations HealthClass 2.0 & She's the First, benefitting local and global education. And... you should see the instructor lineup for this event. Read on....  [More]

wedge salad recipes

The wedge salad has really come of age lately, and clever bloggers are finding ways to un-boring the standard hunk-of-lettuce-smothered-in-mayonnaise way of life for this underappreciated (and often over-dressed) menu item. It's true that your standard wedge chunk does not boast an enormous amount of nutritional value; but as long as you don't go overboard on the blue cheese, this can still be a healthy (and sometimes very creative) dish. Read on for ideas!...  [More]

green tea icecream recipes

If you're like us and sometimes crave sushi just for the green tea mochi dessert (or straight up green tea ice cream, we don't discriminate), this lineup of recipes mayyy change your life. We've often wondered about the science behind why putting milk in your cup of hot green tea makes it taste like nasty milk water, yet matcha and dairy are so perfect for one another in other contexts. After researching this, we decided it's irrelevant. From lattes to smoothies to unconventional desserts, let this list full of green tea creaminess blow your mind....  [More]