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delicious rutabaga recipes

Rutabagas are basically the forgotten child of root vegetables. Also every time we hear "rutabaga" we start humming Mambo #5 (anyone else have this issue?) Anyway even though these little dudes are just as versatile as any other root veggie, they get surprisingly little love in the way of recipes in the blogosphere. Here are a few great ideas for how to use those rutabagas in unique and creative ways....  [More]

in new york city popular fitness instructors

Happy Friday burners! Congratulations on spending 3 full months of your earnings on fitness taxes this year. Have you ever actually done the math of your fitness habit? We do not recommend it. Enjoy this week's trendy instructors!...  [More]

in new york city popular fitness instructors

It's spartan season! Many of your prospective warriors are on the hunt for fitness classes to whip you into shape for your upcoming races. Whether it be a Tough Mudder, Spartan, Marathon or what have you, check out these #trendy instructors - they just may have the digs to get you ready for warrior status!...  [More]

in new york city popular fitness instructors

We were seriously disappointed that this week's trending list didn't fall on April 1, because we were going to punk the shit out of you guys. In any case, since April showers bring May flowers, that means you have a month of rain to finish off your indoor fitness binge before the sunny sun sun comes out for full on tank top season. Check out these trendy instructors!...  [More]

trending in los angeles weekly list

You know what's not an April fool's joke? How many margaritas and unlimited buffets we partook in during our spring vacation. Needless to say, for any of us who have been slacking (vacation excuses or no) you should definitely hit up some of these trendy new instructors this week and mix up your routine!...  [More]