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august instructors gossip nyc

It's the August instructor shuffle roundup! Trying hard to keep track of all of the studio movement in the fitness instructor universe? Here's a summary of recent studio switches and news. Who's new at your studio? Who's leaving? What's opening? What's closing? Who had a baby? We're here to help with the instructor and studio scoop!...  [More]

in new york city popular fitness instructors

September? Is that really you around the corner? While it's always sad to put the bikini martini times behind us, there is something about September that feels like a fresh start. A new year! A clean report card! Another chance to be in the popular crowd! (Just kidding on that last one. Fuck the popular crowd.) The air is starting to smell crisp and fresh, and you're dreaming of hand-pumped pencil sharpeners. Get back to school with one of these #trendy instructors!...  [More]

Pretty sure that was the fastest-flying summer on record you guys! I blinked and it's almost Labor Day weekend. If you’re headed out of town like me you may be looking to update your running play list (heading into the woods means far fewer choices on the group fitness front!) This end of summer running playlist is basically a high BPM roundup from recent Big Mixes and I will get this up on Spotify for you guys to use for your weekend run(s)! Have an AWESOME long weekend you guys!...  [More]

sadie kurzban fitness fashion crush

Sadie Kurzban may be small (and 24!!) but she is legitimately taking the NYC dance fitness scene by storm. This little Brown University-raised fire cracker is not only an overnight NYC fave, she's also a businesswoman and a total trendsetter. Check out all of the swag she's been sweaty-club-DJ-beat-dancing in lately. We want to take her home and keep her in our closet and let her out every time we're feeling sad. Until said kidnapping plan materializes for us, we'll settle on just dressing like her....  [More]

delicious broccoli recipes

Boiled broccoli with salt is just… okay actually if we're being totally honest here, it's pretty delicious. But plain jane anything gets old after a while, and there is, in fact, a happy medium between raw broccoli and gooey cream of broccoli soup with a block of shredded cheddar on top. Here are a few recipes that will make your mouth water without losing the nutritional value you're looking for in this bright green mini wonder tree....  [More]