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panzanella salad recipes

There is almost nothing that takes better advantage of summer garden vegetables and farmer's market goodies than a well-executed panzanella salad. The panzanella is traditionally a bread salad with tomato, red pepper, olives, capers, basil, and vinaigrette. While the original is an absolute favorite, these five recipes are examples of how a little unconventional twist can reap big rewards (in your mouth). Eat up!...  [More]

energy drinks

Want some electrolytes for your workout but not excited about the ingredients you can't pronounce in that blue gatorade? Not to mention, making your own sports drink is kind of like making a healthy cocktail (and if you're anything like us, you love to make those cocktails). Check out these homemade workout drink recipes with ingredients you can trust - from your own kitchen!...  [More]

in new york city popular fitness instructors

Is August really almost here? Because we haven't quite soaked up enough summer yet. And while summer means sun sippin' and cocktail sippin', it also means tons of fun outdoor workouts and also tons of fun indoor air-conditioned workouts (is it weird that we escape the heat by going to sweat it out in an air-conditioned room? Don't judge). Either way, the city is teeming with instructors who are ready to help you sweat both indoors and out. Here are this week's trendiest!...  [More]

egg benedict recipes

Eggs benny is one of our absolute favorite brunch treats, and we don't know about you but we are definitely NOT willing to give up the hollandaise to make it healthier. But sub out the bread? Okay, we're listening. These six super-creative eggs benedict recipes have something on the bottom that's not an English muffin. And while it's may be hard to replace the classic, these bloggers got super creative with their bennies and for that we salute them!...  [More]

I feel like I complain about this every single summer but can I just say again: I have neither the time nor the will to work out during the warmest months. There is just too much fun to be had, and it’s warmer than the devils’ jockstrap out there! Unfortunately for me, summer is the time when I could really use the workouts the most (its become my goal to be the least out of shape person at the pool on the weekends….not even the most fit, just not the MOST blob-like). I’ve found it helps to set a schedule for myself with a set number of workouts per week, mixing strength with cardio, and both of the aforementioned with strong beats....  [More]