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sadie kurzban fitness fashion crush

Sadie Kurzban may be small (and 24!!) but she is legitimately taking the NYC dance fitness scene by storm. This little Brown University-raised fire cracker is not only an overnight NYC fave, she's also a businesswoman and a total trendsetter. Check out all of the swag she's been sweaty-club-DJ-beat-dancing in lately. We want to take her home and keep her in our closet and let her out every time we're feeling sad. Until said kidnapping plan materializes for us, we'll settle on just dressing like her....  [More]

delicious broccoli recipes

Boiled broccoli with salt is just… okay actually if we're being totally honest here, it's pretty delicious. But plain jane anything gets old after a while, and there is, in fact, a happy medium between raw broccoli and gooey cream of broccoli soup with a block of shredded cheddar on top. Here are a few recipes that will make your mouth water without losing the nutritional value you're looking for in this bright green mini wonder tree....  [More]

creamy greek yogurt salad dressings

We're on a new salad dressing experimentation kick, and while we love those thick creamy dressings, they're sometimes just too heavy (or too dense - I'm trying to eat a salad to be healthy, not as a mechanism for drinking mayonnaise). Voila your new salad secret weapon: greek yogurt. This stuff has the perfect creamy texture and is super easy to add flavor to. You can make greek-yogurt-based dressings alone, or just substitute some greek into your full-fat creamy dressings. Enjoy these 6 clever recipes!...  [More]

farmers market pizza recipes

For those of you who think the farmer's market is only for folks who eat rabbit salads and raw quinoa kale, we'd like to remind you of something: PIZZA. Pizza is our favorite catch-all leftover meal: there are literally no rules for what is an "acceptable" pizza, except that there's usually a round piece of bread on the bottom (**but not always. See above for comment about how pizza has no rules). Therefore, the farmer's market pizza is the best way to use up those soon-to-perish items when you don't have enough of them for anything else. (this is also a key strategy for CSA boxes). Check out these 7 veggie-packed pizza ideas....  [More]

pracercise lady makes a friend

You know Prancercise (I mean, you've probably been doing it since it came out and have seen insane body/mind results after only 15 minutes). Well, it's Christmas morning, because Prancercise lady is BACK. And not just back with your average video; this video features high-tech arial camera footage (a serious technical upgrade), a man who may have stuffed his pants, funky 70s jams, a reminder that Prancercise is a limited liability corporation, horses who just want to get the f*ck away from these weirdos, a poem, and a huge on-camera poop. Enjoy....  [More]