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RateYourBurn: Read and Write Reviews of Fitness Instructors!


RateYourBurn is the premier source for unbiased fitness instructor reviews. We are currently live in New York, LA and Boston, though community rating is only currently available in NYC (other cities coming soon!) Want us in your city? Send us an email!

Live in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia or Portland?

Write a review! Start with your favorites, but don't forget to review other instructors who need your feedback, too. We believe that the RYB community can elevate the level of fitness instruction by showing instructors what they're doing right - and also what's not working for you.

To qualify to write a review, you must

  1. be a real human
  2. attend a fitness class
  3. think coherent thoughts (examples: "Nora Jones is not my top choice for a cycling class!" "i would prefer if the teacher left her tuna sandwich outside!" "is this how a squat is supposed to feel, or has someone released fire ants in my undergarments?")

At the end of the day, instructors need to gain clients in order to be successful - we're here to help them understand what you're thinking when you walk out of that classroom so that they can improve.

Our mission is twofold:

  1. Provide a platform where clients can find instructors they'll like based on community reviews, and
  2. Falicitate the delivery of unbiased feedback to instructors so they can grow and improve.

Let us know if you have questions/comments/concerns/haikus for us.

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