RateYourBurn | CLASS REVIEW: REV with Alexa Malzone @ The Sports Club/LA

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CLASS REVIEW: REV with Alexa Malzone @ The Sports Club/LA

Where: The Sports Club/LA, 4 Avery Street, Boston, MA

If Everyone were this passionate about their career, the world would be a much happier place!

Have you ever had a instructor Zumba while teaching indoor cycling? One that prefers to gyrate, grind, and dance her glutes off instead of ever touching a bike? Well, that's what happens when one of the most popular Zumba instructors in Boston tries her hand at spin.


[Review Alexa's class yourself, or check out her RateYourBurn profile.]

This could be a recipe for disaster, but shockingly, it's not. In fact, Alexa Malzone's spin class is quite entertaining. Her blond hair wisping around and voluptuous lady parts on full display, she's quite the sight as she (surprisingly) teaches one of the more challenging spin classes at The SportsClub/LA.

What's so tough about her class?

  • Lengthy out-of-the-saddle climbs.
  • Little to no downhill recovery.
  • LIFTS. And when I say lifts, I mean 8, 16, even 24 in a row. And that's just one set. Do 16 lifts 4 times in a row, and you'll be sweating your glutes off. 
  • Resisting the urge to get up and dance. It's really tough not to join her on her Zumba stage at the front of the room.

What's not so tough about her class?

  • Alexa is gentle. If you really need your instructor to be demanding, Alexa constantly saying "if you're willing, if you're able" when asking you to increase the resistance may not cut it. 
  • Being entertained. It's NOT hard to be entertained in this class - both by Alexa and by the not-so-discreet guys who clearly are only there to lust over her.

You're never doing the same thing for too long in Alexa's class, making the hour fly by (top 40 hits and techo remixes to Adele's "Someone Like You" don't hurt). I left Alexa's class a sweaty, energized mess. "I needed that", I thought. "That felt... awesome!" A spin high, you could call it.

It's safe to say that Alexa has found her calling in making group exercise fun. She's amassed following (ahem, let's not mention a few incidents that led to a petition after the announcement that she was leaving The SportClub/LA).

I admire Alexa's passion for her profession.


From The Sports Club/LA website: Originally from Florida, Alexa holds a Bachelors degree in broadcast journalism from Boston University and is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor through NASM and AFAA. She has been teaching dance and fitness since 1997. She has been with The Sports Club/LA – Boston since it opened in 2001, and in addition to teaching and training, she has managed the group exercise programs in the Miami and Boston clubs. Alexa is most well known for bringing Zumba to Boston and is proud to be able to share her love of dance and fitness with our members. She teaches Zumba and Rev classes and is also available for private training.

Find out more about The Sports Club/LA at www.mpsportsclub.com

 Read more about Alexa on The Dance Academy website


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BostonFitnessFreak 03/07/2012

Only 4 triangles?  Her cycling class is the first one I'd ever taken where I didn't want to kill myself from the monotony of it.  Fun and a fantastic workout.  Though it is like Studio 54 when she teaches - better get there early to not get shut out!

Kilndown 12/17/2012

Bring earplugs or pay the price with permanent hearing loss