RateYourBurn | CLASSHOLE SERIES: Interview with Dori Manela of DoriShinyBlog.com

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Our Classhole of the week is Dori Manela of Dori's Shiny Blog, a blogger who was reviewing classes long before RateYourBurn was around! Faced with a chronic gastrointestinal illness, several doctors told Dori that she would need to have her entire colon removed. Instead of agreeing to surgery, Dori turned to running and fitness as a way to cope - and miraculously, her body was able to heal. But then again, "miraculously" isn't really the right word - because as RateYourBurn readers know, fitness is an amazingly powerful thing!

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Meet Dori Manela, an adorable chick who loves running, group fitness and the color pink.

Full-time profession:

Social Media Manager.

Quick & dirty fitness bio:

In college, I never understood why everyone trekked down a huge hill to the "East Gym." Then in my 20s I dabbled in exercise, but I didn't "get it" until the founder of Core Fusion at Exhale Spa offered me a "Core Fusion Challenge" - to take 4-5 classes a week and document it on my blog! It transformed me into someone who loves fitness - and now I am hooked.

Dori Manela Refine Method Dorishinyblog RateYourBurn

What have you written recently that you’re most proud of?

That would have to be my marathon recap. I had to drop out of the NYC Marathon at mile 18, and without telling anyone, I registered for the Richmond Marathon the following weekend. I was so proud to write this post after such an emotional setback the week before.

Favorite quote:

"In a mile you'll be feeling fine."

It's from a Citizen Cope song and it' my running mantra -- I even have it engraved on my RoadID! It applies to everything, not just running. Stick through this difficult or challenging time, because soon it will be over and you'll be fine.

What’s your own fitness routine?

I am beyond obsessed with Refine Method and I take it a few times a week. No two classes are the same, so it never gets old or boring! Now that it's getting warmer out I'll be running outside more often as well. I love racing - having goals motivates me.

Every now and then I'll throw in a spin class - especially now that I am moving to an apartment building that comes with free spinning!

Who are your favorite instructors in the city?

  • Brynn Jinnett, Refine Method - There is no instructor in the world like Brynn. I've taken tons of classes in NYC and it is rare to find someone so dedicated to what she does. Not only is Brynn an engaging, funny and motivating instructor, but she is so on top of every student's form. You can see how much she cares about what she's teaching and how much she believes in it. Plus, the class changes when she finds something that might work better - and that says a lot about her commitment to providing the most effective workout. (Check out Dori's review of Brynn here)
  • Kayleigh Pleas, Core Fusion Yoga - The music, first of all. Kayleigh's class has introduced me to so many incredible songs that I love for both relaxing and exercising. And her teaching! She has this way of inspiring you to want to push harder, want to love yoga - which I never did before her class. (check out Dori's writeups here and here)
Kayleigh Pleas_Core Fusion
  • Jesse Alexander, FlyWheel Sports - The only class in the world my boyfriend will do is Jesse's Fly 45, so that says a lot. Jesse's class is 45 minutes of hilarity, great music, high energy and hard work - especially his theme classes. And as Jesse loves to say, "The couple that spins together, stays together." (check out Dori's writeup here)

Class you’ve been meaning to try:

Actually, it's because of RateYourBurn that I really want to try Holly Rilinger's FlyWheel class. I happened to check out her schedule today after reading your post on charismatic spin instructors!

Cool projects/events coming up?

At work, we just launched a wellness site called Fit-A-Licious. Our goal is to show women 30+ how attainable healthy living can be, and we're about to hold a two-week-long launch giveaway with tons of really great fitness prizes!

Check out Dori's feature on Bing:

Dori Manela is a New York-based writer, content manager and social media consultant. She writes a weekly column called Dori’s Quest for NBC New York’s health blog, Go Healthy NY, where she reviews the hottest New York City workouts in her quest for the perfect one.

Check out Dori's Shiny Blog!

Check an interview with Dori on NBC's "Go Healthy" blog here.


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