RateYourBurn | CLASS REVIEW: TR-Xtra with Kyle Cashin @ Exceed Fitness

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CLASS REVIEW: TR-Xtra with Kyle  Cashin @ Exceed Fitness

Where: Exceed Fitness, 1477 3rd Ave, New York, NY

TR-Xtra HARD that is!

I have a TRX in my apartment and use it pretty frequently; however, about 2 minutes into Kyle’s TR-Xtra class I realized I don’t work nearly that hard on my own. This class exceeded (pun intended) my expectations!

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On Kyle:

Before I went to the class I (obviously) researched the teacher and one of the first things I read was that Kyle did a 100-mile trail race. Wow. Oh and just when you thought that was impressive...he did it in 18 hours and 34 minutes. Double Wow! In class Kyle was:

  • Genuinely friendly: When I first walked into class he started up a conversation about my history with TRX, the studio, his sister's wedding the week before...which takes me to my next observation. 
  • Completely committed and happy to be at Exceed: The day after said wedding, he had woken up 5am to drive back to teach a class. There aren’t many things in life that will get me up at 5am. I respect his commitment. 
  • Knowledgeable.
  • His class had a great pace. Kyle worked different muscle groups in a sequence that made sense, and gave us rests without letting us take actual breaks. When I’m in a class I want to work and be worked every minute. 
  • Motivating: Gives genuine feedback on the group’s energy as well as complimenting individual work.

My only criticism would be that he didn’t call anyone out. Maybe everyone in the class had perfect form and pushed themselves but I find that hard to believe. I noticed several ladies slacking off or modifying exercises to make it easier. Maybe they had an excuse but I don’t remember them asking for a modification, they just took it upon themselves to take the easy way out and Kyle didn’t demand (or at least recommend) anything more from them.

On the studio:

  • Lactic's studio post pretty much sums it up! I. Love. This. Place. A LOT! If I lived closer this would definitely be added to my weekly routine. Not only are the classes great but the facility makes me smile. 
  • Kyle was talking about the East Hampton location and it sounds like fitness heaven…a big warehouse with one of those massive doors that slides up opening to a studio filled with fitness toys and massive monkey bars equipped with about 40 TRX contraptions. They will be offering both outdoor classes (paddle-boarding, biking, trail runs) and indoor classes. I wish I were Hampton-ing this summer because I would totally hit this place up. 
  • Hamptons people: run, don't walk!

On the class:

The class consisted of a series of TRX moves that hit the lower body, upper body and core followed by a set of exercises on the bosu ball and throws with a soft medicine ball - all in 1 minute intervals. Some of the exercised consisted of:


  • Ys
  • Slow motion mountain climbers
  • Bicep curls, tricep presses
  • Crunches
  • Squats and squat jumps
  • Curtsey squats
  • Pistols
  • Planks to plank saw
  • Sprinters 


  • Around the worlds
  • Burpees with a pushup
  • Crossover mountain climbers 

Soft Medicine Ball:

  • Oblique side throws 
  • Overhead throws
  • Chest throws 

And yes, that was all squeezed into one hour long kick-abs session. Seriously, it felt like someone kicked me in the abs the next day.

Guy friendly. 

Dudes are weird about group fitness classes, but my boyfriend came to the class with me and it was one of the few pleasant group fitness experiences we've had together. Quote: "I would possibly maybe buy I package to this place. I really enjoyed that." I have only heard this one other time and we've been to a handful of classes together.


I will definitely be going back to Exceed ASAP. Both Kyle and Exceed offered me a unique fitness experience that challenged me and has me itching to get back. My only request...Exceed, add more evening classes to your schedule! Pretty please!? I promise I'll come back more often if you do. 

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Find out more about Exceed Fitness at www.exceedfitness.com

Find Kyle on facebook 

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Sweat Pump 03/07/2013

I second the more evening classes.