RateYourBurn | Which Indoor Cyclist are You? 16 Types of Spinners I always See in Class

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Ah yes, part 2 of our group-ex stereotype series... do any of these indoor cyclists remind you of someone? From the abnormally vocal student to the texter, if you cycle frequently you've probably come across some of these cartoon characters. Or... you are one!

spinning cycling stereotypes rateyourburn types which type are you

1. The 8-towler.

Dude likes to keep dry.

spinning cycling stereotypes rateyourburn types 8 towel man

2. The guy who is SO HAPPY HE CAN'T CONTROL IT.

His eyes are usually closed, and he is often swaying around like a drunkard, spraying his hair sweat everywhere. Dude is PSYCHED.

spinning cycling stereotypes rateyourburn types guy having the best time of his life
dear favorite spin

3. The person who is not following any of the instructor's directions.

I refuse to memorialize this person with a picture, as this is my least favorite kind of rider. Don't eff with the flow.

4. The body builder.

Teetering precariously on his bike,

the body builder cycling stereotypes memes rateyourburn spinning

This guy reminds me of the scene in Despicable Me where Gru's spaceship gets shrunken by Vector (with the shrink-ray (start at 1:28):

5. The texter.

Sometimes secretly, sometimes not. The worst part about this is that spinning rooms are typically dark, so every time she gets a text I am temporarily blinded.

the texter cycling stereotypes memes rateyourburn spinning

6. The person who didn't know how to set up her bike.

Instructors. Help us out here. This is totally distracting.

person who didn't know how to set up their bike stereotypes spinning cycling rateyourburn

7. The fawner.

This person is legit obsessed with the instructor. Can always be found in the front row, often donning instructor-related paraphernalia. 

spinning cycling stereotypes rateyourburn types fawning fan

8. The person wearing a sweater.

This person makes me particularly uncomfortable. Just looking at them makes me itchy/hot. Sometimes this comes in the form of a matching sweat suit.

girl wearing a sweater cycling stereotypes memes rateyourburn spinning

9. Hard-core bandanna lady.

She's wearing a bandanna, is usually in her late-30s early-40s, and she may have previously been in a biker gang. Harley gang or a triathalon gang? Unclear.

Bandana lady in biker gang spinning stereotypes badass tattoo indoor cycling memes

10. The cycler who responds VEHEMENTLY to every command the instructor gives.

spinning cycling stereotypes rateyourburn types vehement responder vocal yeller

11. Lance Armstrong.

Well, no. He's not Lance. But he is wearing full-out, wind-proof cycling gear, potentially carrying GU on his person. Just in case, you know.

spinning cycling stereotypes rateyourburn types stationary cycling full out gear lance armstrong

12. Mr. high-socks man.

I think this is my dad. We would be wearing loafers, too, if it were allowed.

spinning cycling stereotypes rateyourburn types high socks man

13. The emotive struggler.

This person, judging by the look on his face, is constantly at high risk for cardiac arrest.

the emotive strucggle pain on his face cycling stereotypes memes rateyourburn spinning

14. The studio bomber.

This only happens in specific, high-competition studios (EH EM), but this person is loyal to one studio, and shows up at the other studio just to be an asswipe and cause problems. If you want to see what the "other world" is up to, that's totally cool. But don't show up just to hate. So. Lame.

spinning cycling stereotypes rateyourburn types studio bomber soulcycle flywheel

15. The spiderwoman.

She's off-beat, her form is all over the place... help a sista out before she breaks something!

denis morton spiderwoman soulcycle

16. The increasingly-naked rider.

Hm. I know nothing about this one...

increasingly naked stripper rider cycling stereotypes memes rateyourburn spinning

BONUS 17: The seemingly disagreeing rider.

Despite the smile, she must be disagreeing with something, because she's been vigorously shaking her head "no" all class long.

seemingly disagreeing rider

Did we miss any? Which one are you?




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Comments 51 Comments

Former Fattie 08/01/2012

I am 2/7/10/7. Yes, I put 7 twice because it is...bad. Some day I'd like to be 16. There should be more ripped shirtless dudes by the end of spin class. Some day I will lead the charge.

Lactic Addict 08/01/2012

YESSSS I need to spin with you! I love 2s, 7s and 10s! Amazing energy.

BeFit 08/01/2012

This. Is. Great. I agree with the writeups of 3 & 5 (Lord knows I've grumbled about those exact people in some reviews!), but I'm prolly closest to a 2. I just love that riiiiide!

Lactic Addict 08/01/2012

Yup. I am a mix of 2, 10, 16, and occasionally 7. Not in the makeup/paraphernalia way, but certainly in the I-love-you-so-much-I'll-do-anything-you-say-for-45-minutes way.

Lactic Addict 08/01/2012

Oh. And in Jon Wellman's Flywheel class, I am #13 without a DOUBT

question 08/01/2012

If you have only ever taken classes at one for months, and now want to check out the other for the first time, what's the best way to do this without being a number 14?

mmmgreenjuice 08/01/2012

Missing: lip syncher, projectile sweater (the dude who leaves a puddle below his bike, every. single. time.)

1/16/both of the above....

Lactic Addict 08/01/2012

Question - that is a funny question! But I think you just have to keep in mind that the whole competition thing is a little silly - lots of these instructors have worked at both places. Just keep an open mind! What I was talking about here are people who go into the other studio with guns drawn, don't listen to the instructor or are super rude, just to cause a scene. If you're already asking this question, you're not one of them Smile

mmmgreenjuice - the LIP SYNCHER! Good one! (That's me, can't believe I didn't think of it). 1/16 are a natural match.

Luis 08/01/2012

Really, no positives?  What about "The Often Blowing Even the Instructor Away" rider?  ;)

Makfly 08/01/2012

Love this post.  Agree with mmmgreenjuice, though.  Could definitely add a lip syncer.  I'm pretty sure if I were videotaped during a ride, I'd look like I was having my own personal concert.  

Otherwise, definitely 2/7/10.  Smile

Ace 08/01/2012

Definitely 10, sometimes a 2, does 3-towels count as a 1?

Lactic Addict 08/01/2012

Luis - haha! A lot of these are positive, no? There are definitely some beastly riders out there.
Makefly - that is awesome. Love sitting next to a lip syncher.
Ace - since 3 is above average, I think that yes, this counts.

Sweat Pump 08/01/2012

LIP SYNCHER, the riders next to me WISH I were just s lip syncher. I am legit channeling Whitney and Mariah, even though I sound... like Britney. Shame. Amazing post Lactic! <3 Idol <3

Suzanne 08/01/2012

I am so number 17!

Eheartssweat 08/01/2012

I am a mix between a 2 and a 10. I second the recommendation for the sweat puddler (as that is almost always me). I also always hit my handle bars through out the ride and lip-sync as well sometimes all why woohooing and I am sure flinging sweat on my fellow riders. Now EVERYONE wants to sit near me.

user24601 08/01/2012

Also a lip-syncer here! And I'm also (this could possibly be a subset of either 6 or 15?) the girl who always bruises herself on her bike - wrists on the handlebars of the bike behind me, legs from kicking my pedals into myself getting on/off the bike, hips walking into the bike, etc. Oh and I'm also occasionally the hungover rider. (BUt that has nothing to do with my being a klutz, I swear.)

the monster  08/01/2012

I LOVE this. Thank you for posting.

Lactic Addict 08/02/2012

Ehearts - totally. Didn't include the sweat puddler because we had a similar one in our "yoga stereotypes" post. (Link for those of you who didn't see it: blog.rateyourburn.com/.../...ays-see-in-class.aspx )
24601 - Actually considered one that didn't make the cut - "the only person you have ever met who actually made the stationary bike tip over" I've seen it!!
The monster - <3

danceface 08/02/2012

When I dragged my bf to Flywheel, he was #13. And then he vom'd.

...haven't been able to convince him to come back since. :\

Lactic Addict 08/02/2012

LOL. Which instructor?

Gene Nacey 08/02/2012

I completely love this!  I was howling.  So funny.  I must confess though, I'm pretty close to the Lance Armstrong guy (minus any hint to doping or gu - but I have been known to put a granola bar in my shirt pocket on our 2 hr rides Smile

BTW - I would love to have permission to reprint this on my site if you are willing - or we could exchange links.

Laurel 08/02/2012

I would add THE CAMEL...the guy who shows up for a 60 minute spin with no water.

Lactic Addict 08/02/2012

Hahahahah the camel! Love it!

danceface 08/02/2012

Lactic-- it was Ryan M's class! Both of our first spin classes ever (I loved it). He later informed me that he had NEVER done an intense cardio workout before. Whoops..

GymSquirrel 08/02/2012

sheesh. I'm 9+16. awkward!
awesome one lactic, we all know exactly what you're talking about.

Lactic Addict 08/02/2012

Yes you totally are gymsquirrel!!!

joyce 08/06/2012

so much fun!!  Luckily, even though a gym rat, I am now a home gym rat and can do any of these annoying things at home.  so being an almost naked, disagreer, agreer, instructor stealth...etc.  without anyone seeing me.  LOVING that.  I am cycling like no one is watching, because no one is...haha

Antek 08/08/2012

Let's have 'instructor typing' now! What kind of instructor are you ? Smile I'm the LA type of spinner even had my sun glasses on during my last session, too much sunshine coming in thru the window.

TriChick 08/22/2012

You missed the girl who pedals at warp speed like a hamster on crack!

kate 08/26/2012

The women that sing along with the music that's playing, even while we're supposed to be doing hard efforts!! WTF.

Zumbada 09/28/2012

Sadly, I can now report that I'm a 15 with some definite 10 tendancies. It's like "tap back pushups? Woo hoooo! Yea! - omg I'm gonna fall"

turnandburn 10/09/2012

Ok, I am weighing in late on this. I couldn't figure out how to login as Turnandburn, but holla, it is I at the helm. Here goes:

Windex Wendys - The chicas who constantly check themselves out in the side mirror, making sure booty is back and looking perky

SYTYCSers- The 3rd cousin removed of the fav network show, "So You Think You Can Dance." We get it spin goddess, you really want to be up on that podium cooing "ride it" as well as Charlee

Big Butter Inners - Pay attention to your own ride. You'll burn more calories that way

Baby Birders - My personal fav. The front row fabbies who await every cue like a morsel from mama

Towel Ticklers - Hey, glad you keep your towel on the back of your bike, but how about not slapping me with the face with it every time you soak up the sweat. I'm ridin' a hill while your butt is in the saddle

Torque Tiara Tinas - Yep, you ahead and wear that crown after you nail that 400 on the board. But bike 17 ain't right

And we have the Finger Tappers - This condition is usually co-morbid with the "Disagreeing Rider." Watch for the synchronization...

Nick@CycleHouse 10/31/2012

This is EVERYTHING!!! Obsessed! Thank you!

TotsObsessed 07/26/2013

I cry laughing as I read this blog and comments.  I am ligit slightly obsessed with my spin god/instructor and I have seen every type.  Thank you for posting.  Makes sitting at my desk much more bearable.  Tots front row, I want the gold star in class girl!! Smile

gunmetal 07/30/2013

I have just got back to spinning after nearly a year. This page made everyone in my office stare at me because i was laughing out loud! Very perceptive! I am constantly amazed by the gotsa go so fast even in warmup, let alone rest of the class types that make me feel lazy even when I am dying of exhaustion. Why dont they turn up the knob some more rather than guilt trip the rest with their rpms?!!! The IM blog was extremely funny too, you are very talented Laughing

Joel Thomas 09/10/2013

I'm number 2 and cant help it. Although not that big as to feel uncomfortable. My favorite is the "Helicopter polar opposite couple", this happens when a (usually overbearing AKA Helicopter) fit wife/husband/friend brings his/her unfit counterpart. Oh it's great. The helicopter reaches over and turns the other person's resistance up, "whispers semi-condescending supportive one liners. "Go harder...keep your back straight...LIKE THIS"  It's like an eclipse, it happens rarely but when it does it is a sight.      

Melina DiPaola 09/14/2013

fucking hilarious!!!!!!

Jennifer Anello 09/29/2013

This is hysterical. Come and check out my studio...its one of a kind!
Rides on me!

AmyR 10/06/2013

I'm the "bipolar rider." One hill: This song is amazing! This hill is my b****! I rule the world! Next hill: I'm going to die all the deaths.

christine (baking and barre in LA) 12/31/2013

I <3 this. So much.
Definitely 16 & 17 for me.
3s and 5s really distress me. Esp. the texter. (Why? Why?!?)

Johnny 01/12/2014

We love this. We want to repost on IndoorCycling.ca


what about that  mature adult - 50 something who never misses a class, and she dresses like, and tries to act like the 20-something riders.determined to make it through the entire ride. she's in the front row - always, knowing people will stare not knowing people laugh.

Erika 04/01/2015

LOL! I love this...I am the one who looks at the other person's score to make sure I'm winning Smile

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