RateYourBurn | Find Your Costume: 18 Halloween Costumes to Show Off Your Best Body Part

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Halloween is around the corner, and everyone knows that's a favorite holiday at RYB (stay tuned for several more themed posts...) Why not use this opportunity to show off what you've been working on? Whether it's your legs, abs, or arms, we have the perfect costume to help you flaunt your greatest asset. We triple dare you. Mwaahhaaahhaaa!

halloween pumpkin
best costumes to show off your legs

1. Pregnant Snooki.

Snooki is great at four things: Fake-baking, rocking the pouf, getting knocked up, and sporting inappropriately short bottoms. Toss on a pregnant suit (or just stick a ski helmet under there) and don a short skirt or bootie shorts to show off your fab gams. Pair with large hoop earrings, a low-cut top or dress, and a crap load of bronzer. Extra points if you're actually pregnant.

snooki pregnant halloween costume rateyourburn

2. Roller Girl from Boogie Nights.

Get into the '70s groove with Farrah Fawcett hair, big sunglasses, and some hawt pants to show off your legs. Top off your costume with knee high socks and, of course, roller skates (not annoying for other partygoers at all). Remember to use your camera as an accessory to your costume (Roller Girl was always taking pictures) especially if you have an old polaroid. **Note: due to footwear, not recommended for heavy drinkers


3. Senior girls from Dazed and Confused.

Who thought the senior girls were oh-so-cool when they first watched this movie? EVERYONE DID. So channel your inner cool-mean-70s-girl attitude with shorts, tube socks, and a cut-off "senior" T-shirt. Extra points if you get a posse.


4. BOY OPTION: Tobias as a "Never Nude" from Arrested Development.

They're filming the next chapter of Arrested Development as we speak, so if you're a fan, what better way to show your love and devotion than by embracing the Tobias Never Nude affliction. All you need is a pair of short jean cut-offs. (Girl modification: Pair with a nude body suit.) Complete the look with glasses, a Burt, and if you really want to go the extra mile, a bald cap.

guys from arrested development naked jean shorts
best costumes to show off your butt pippa

5. Pippa Middleton

You'll need a white dress that looks like a mini wedding dress, and some butt padding (not sure where to get butt padding? We got you covered.) You could carry tabloids with you as props as well.

pippa-middleton-butt-lift rateyourburn halloween
pippa-middleton-butt-lift rateyourburn halloween 2
Butt-Pads rateyourburn pippa middleton
best costumes to show off your abs

6. Lady Gaga "You and I" Mermaid.

You'll need a skin color bra top of some sort, a mermaidy bottom, creepy skin-colored makeup for your entire face, blue hair chalk and three gashes in each cheek for the "gills".

Lady-Gaga-You-And-I-Mermaid Stephanie Halloween Co

7. Retro Britney Spears.

Take your pick of Britney's top three ab-centric looks: (You Drive Me) Crazy, I'm a Slave 4 U, (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction. She was the queen of showing off her rock-hard abs, and if you've got your six-pack ready, channel one of her looks in these ab-licious get-ups.


8. Princess Leia Slave Girl.

Princess Leia is hot, and we all know that guys drool over this costume—or at least Ross from Friends does. To DIY, wear a gold bikini and drape some fabric around the bottoms. Put your hair in a sexy braid or standard Leia style, and watch  the droids come running.


9. BOY OPTION: Stacee Jaxx from Rock of Ages.

Whether or not you think Tom Cruise is hot, there is no denying that Stacee Jaxx is the bomb dig. Show off your rock hard abs to the ladies by donning only leather pants and a cowboy hat. Go the extra mile by putting fake tattoos all over your body.

best costumes to show off your arms

10. Gorgo, Queen of Sparta (remember 300?) 

TOGA! TOGA! Show off your amazing arms in a toga, easily made from an old bed sheet, and attract even more arm attention with a gold arm cuff. (For generic greek goddess, add green headgear and other gold accessories. For authentic Gorgo, carry sword and stab traitors).

300 sparta gorgo spartan queen halloween costume

11. Sandy from Grease.

Those platform heels, skin-tight black pants, and the tight black top with off-the-shoulder sleeves make this an iconic, all around sexy look. Grab a pack of candy cigarettes for good measure, and don't forget the perm and retro red lipstick (that is, if you want to get "the one that you want")


12. Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Take a walk on the dark side and goth it up. Wear black leather pants and a black shirt with the sleeves ripped off to celebrate your fab arms. Buy a wig or don a mohawk, and add in fake piercings all over your face. Don't forget the black eyeliner and pack some of those weird Nordic sandwiches she eats throughout the book. Try not to set anyone on fire.


13. BOY OPTION: Hulk Hogan.

Need I say more?

best costumes to show off your whole body

(because you're just that hot)

14. CP30 from Starwars.

How is this a hot costume, you ask?

c3po gold starwars robot halloween costume

Let me introduce you to my little friend the Zentai suit.


15. Wonder Woman.

Classic. Wonder Woman has wonderful everything. Show off your arms, legs, tiny waist, and not-so-tiny cleavage to become the legendary superhero. Don't forget the little crown.


16. Sanya Richards-Ross.

She's practically nekked most of the time... all you'll need to find is a booty-shorts one piece (or two piece, she also sometimes airs the old 8-pack out). Braid your hair to the side, snap on a crimpy hairpiece ponytail extension, grab some huge fake Chanel earrings and toss on a bunch of rings. The more jewelery the better. Also feel free to make yourself a paper number to safety pin on the front, drape a bunch of medals around your neck and wrap yourself in an American flag.

sanya richards ross track star halloween costumes

17. Beyonce in "Single Ladies".

You're pretty much just wearing a black spandex leotard and high-heeled sandals, but here's the catch: buy a huge bag of ring pops and walk around the party putting rings on people and explaining that "I like it".

ring pop blue

18. BOY OPTION: Borat's green mankini moment.

Let it all hang out in this barely-there costume. And don't worry if you're hairy, guys. The hairier the better.


Trick or Treat?

What will you be wearing to accent the bod this year? Share it in the comments below.


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