RateYourBurn | 10 Cute Workout Headbands to Keep Bangs off the Old Noggin (colorful! sparkly! braided! radioactive!)

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Workout headbands. They're all the rage. Personally I have not been a huge fan of these in the past, mostly because of an irrational and unconfirmed fear that I am balding. I can't see it in the mirror or in photos, but sometimes I feel like the wind is creeping up a little to high on the side of my temples.... I digress. Here's a list of really cute workout headbands.

headbands braided fabric headband rateyourburn

1. Mane Message (Etsy seller): Assorted Tie Dye Headbands

Tie dye is always adorbs, and who doesn't love homemade accoutrements? (check them out on Etsy)


Mane message also makes really cute tie-dye elastics:


2. Chubbycloud (Etsy Seller) Braided Fabric Headband

This artist weaves colorful fabrics together to create one-of-a-kind bands. (Check them out on Etsy)


3. Sparkly Soul: Sparkly wide headband in black $17

Shown below on the lovely fashion blogger Elshane, this band can be dressed up or down. (Check it out on the Sparkly Soul website)

elshane sparkly soul headband cute colorful workou

Image from elshane.com

4. Under Armour: Women's ZigZag Printed Mini Headband $11.99

These are superfun. (Check them out on the Dick's Sporting Goods Website)

underarmour colorful headbands cute sport bands

5. Under Armour: Women's Twisted Headband $14.99

Simple with a braided back so it's not too bulky on your neck.

underarmour twist headband pink blak green cute he

Want to see UA hadbands on a real live human? Check out Natalie Uhling, who is always sporting one.

natalie uhling underarmour headband rateyourburn g

6. ThreeBirdNest (Etsy Seller): Purple and Watercolor Turban Headband Stretchy Twisted Turban Headband $18

Maybe more for a yoga class, but this thing is super stylish and reminds us of those retro "We can do it" ads. (Check this item out on Etsy)


You'll probably waste a ton of time browsing this seller's stuff. Another cute one:


7. Reebok Crossfit: Women's Wide Headband $14

Currently sold out, but this simple headband is a stylish way for badass broads to keep the bangs at bay. Alliteration anyone? I got carried away. (Check it out on the Reebok site)

reebok crossfit cute black headband back view

8. Target: i360 Headphone Sportband $29.95

This isn't the cutest thing we've ever seen, but if you're a runner, could be practical. Plus, "robot head" is totally in.

headphone sportband headband with ipod holder rate

9. Nike - Chevron Sport Headband

Super simple, but we are really digging on the chevron pattern. (Check these out on the Nike website) 


10. Lululemon - Lucky Luon Headband

Another simple one - but this grey "denim" fabric is the classiest. Could definitely dress this guy up too. (Check it out on the Lululemon website)


In other news, 

weird lululemon headband for fit nuns

WTF is this weird shit, Lulu. Unless you are a fitness-oriented nun.

What's your favorite headband for working out? Let us know below!




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Comments 8 Comments

UES_NYC 10/28/2012

LOVE sparkly soul for staying on my head but I feel a bit cheesy in them sometimes (maybe bec I own the same pink glitter headband as my 6yo niece?  that says more abt me than the product, probs) - so sweaty bands are another great, less 'jazz hands-like' option.

Lactic Addict 10/28/2012

I looked into sweaty bands, but their website was a frustrating labyrinth and I gave up. Good to know you like them though!!

UES_NYC 10/28/2012

you can get them at jack rabbit and rei, i think.  but yea from what i remember the site is a hot mess.

Weanzy 10/29/2012

I am usually sweating before I even get on my bike.  I can’t care about how things look, I have to keep the hair and sweat off my face.  Lululemon Bang Buster is serious business! And it looks good.  Thanks  EHeartssweat for the intro and my first (and third) Bang Buster!

RateYourBurn 10/29/2012

Thanks for the tip Weanzy!

Eheartssweat 11/02/2012

oh the bang buster is a must. I horrid them. Its actually embarrassing how many I own.

Eheartssweat 11/02/2012

*hoard not horrid

Apparently no power = no spelling / thank you autocorrect.

Lactic Addict 11/02/2012

but when she was bad, she was horrid.