RateYourBurn | Boston's 10 Best Zumba Instructors of the Year

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These 10 guys and gals will make you feel like you're at a party, not at an exercise class. Their energy and passion will inspire your pants off (feel free to bring snap track pants and rip them off when the moment is right). If you're in search of a fun, energized workout that might leave you with a few clubbing skillz, these instructors are for you.

best zumba instructors boston

10. Seth Federman 

(Life in Synergy)

Seth, an RYB fave, has a ton of energy and personality, and his enthusiasm is literally contagious. His music is pure awesome… Don't expect all Zumba-branded tunes. His trademark is creating fun routines to Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Shakira. His classes won't make you feel like you're working out but more like you're partying out. Expect to walk out all smiles.

Check out Seth's RYB profile, or write him a review.

Seth Federman_Best-zumba_instructors_Boston

9. Patricia Mendoza

(Latin Beat Fitness Studio, Commonwealth Sports Club)

Patricia has been in the fitness industry and doing Zumba since 1995. She runs Latin Beat Fitness, which has been featured in The Boston Globe, and has a ton of shimmy- and step-touch-loving devotees. She leads an intense, high-energy class and a fun workout. She truly loves what she does, and after an hour with her, you'll see why.

Check out Patricia's RYB profile, or write her a review.

Patricia Mendoza_best_zumba_instructors_boston

8. Shira Brenner

(World Rhythms Dance and Fitness, Boston Sports Club)

You can usually find Shira teaching to a full house at Boston Sports Club. Her classes are always challenging, energetic, and fun. When she's not Zumba-ing, she's dancing with On Stage Dance Company and dabbling in hip hop, belly dancing, West African dance, and more. Her love of all kinds of dance and movement make her classes a special treat. She's also a yoga instructor and personal trainer.

Check out Shira's RYB profile, or write her a review.

Shira Brenner_best_zumba_instructors_boston

7. Jess Perkins

(Dance Union)

Jess is known for her super fun, high-energy classes—and her specialty is making non-technical newbies feel like they can really move! Her encouraging demeanor and positivity will strip your self conscious inhibitions away. She likes to make sure that all of her students get the steps and no man gets left behind. If you're a newbie, or if you just love to dance, Jess may be your gal.

Check out Jess's RYB profile, or write her a review.

Jess Perkins zumba

6. Ali Baldasarre

(DanceFIT Studio, Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs, Equinox, Life in Synergy, The Z Spot)

Ali is motivated by fitness and helping her students create the change they want to see in their bodies and lives. She's been dancing since the age of 2. Her style is disciplined and engaging routines in a fun atmosphere. Ali also teaches Pilates, spin, and piloxing classes.

Check out Ali's RYB profile, or write her a review.

Ali Baldasarre_best_zumba_instructors_boston

5. Lena Andrade

(The Sports Club/LA, The Z SpotFitcorp, Boston Sport Club, Bosse City Club & Spa)

Lena was the captain of her college dance teams, danced for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and coached the Boston Bruins Ice Girls. Needless to say, she's a pro. She's been dancing since the age of 5 and is trained in ballet, tap, modern dance, jazz, and hip hop—and all have an influence on her fun Zumba routines.

Check out Lena's RYB profile, or write her a review.

Lena Andrade_best_zumba_instructors_boston

4. Katie Moncebaiz

(Life In Synergy, Fitcorp)

Katie's got talent. She studied dance in college and has been dancing professionally all over New England. Her classes will kick your Zumba-loving butt. She encourages everyone to sing along, scream, and dance their hearts out. You'll be in boob-sweat city and loving every minute of it.

Check out Katie's RYB profile, or write her a review.

Katie Moncebaiz_best_zumba_instructors_boston

3. Erica Bornstein

(Soul Train Fitness, Back Bay YogaSweat and Soul YogaEquinox)

Erica is one cool cat. She's been dancing all her life, and her classes are known for their fresh, unexpected music. To stay in top dance shape, she started doing yoga, and as she became more involved in yoga, she craved more dance in her life. Enter Zumba. Her choreography and instruction are that of a pro. She has incredibly loyal fans that follow her from gym to gym, and her classes are packed, so get there early to get a good spot.

Check out Erica's RYB profile, or write her a review.

Erica Bornstein_best_zumba_instructor_boston

2. Maeve Byrne

(The Z SpotDanceFIT StudioEquinoxVIM Fitness)

Dance has been a major part of Maeve's life. She grew up doing jazz, cheerleading, and was on the kickline team in college. Her warm, bubbly personality always fills the room. According to one of our bloggers, her facial expression just "naturally rests in a smile." Her choreography is easy to follow, and her classes are straight up fun: a great way to dance the stress away.

Check out Maeve's RYB profile, or write her a review.

maeve byrne_best_zumba_instructors_boston

1. Alexa Malzone

(The Sports Club/LA)

Tops is Alexa, who's over-the-top energy transcends her Zumba career. In and out of the classroom, she's always up to something ridiculous that will put a smile on your face. She's incredibly passionate about that she does and has a serious following... So much that when she announced that she was leaving The Sports Club/LA, it resulted in a near riot! Clearly, she's still there, thanks to her dedicated fans who created a petition. Originally from Florida, Alexa has been teaching dance and fitness for 15 years and has been credited for bringing Zumba to Boston. You are bound to leave her classes a sweaty, energized mess.

Check out Alexa's RYB profile, or write her a review.


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