RateYourBurn | Boston's 16 Best Dance Instructors of the Year

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Whether it's ballroom, hip-hop, ballet, or burlesque that's your shtick, we have a dance instructor for you. These guys and gals were among the most raved about teachers in Boston over the past year. Did your fave make the cut? No seriously, did they? Because if they didn't, let us know by writing them a review.

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16. Marcio DeSouza 

(DanceSport Academy of New England)

Born in Brazil, Marcio is one of the owners of DanceSport Academy, which specializes in ballroom and Latin dance instruction and offers group classes or private lessons. Marcio has a background in ballet and competes in American smooth and American rhythm ballroom dancing. Need to prep for that first wedding dance? Marcio may be the man for you.

Check out Marcio's RYB profile, or write him a review.


15. Anna Myer

(The Dance Complex)

Anna has been dancing ballet since 1962, training on scholarship at the Joffrey Ballet, The School of American Ballet, and the American Ballet Theatre. In 1992, she founded Anna Meyers and Dancers, a dance company dedicated to her choreography. She teaches beginner and intermediate ballet at The Dance Complex. Novices need not feel intimidated in her classes. She's known for making beginners feel welcome and comfortable.

Check out Anna's RYB profile, or write her a review.

Anna Myer_Best Dance Instructors Boston

14. Cheri Opperman

(Green Street Studios)

Cheri is one of the founders of Green Street Studios and is on the dance faculty of Harvard University where she teaches modern dance. She's been a choreographer and a teacher of modern and ballet for over 30 years. Her style focuses on breath, imagery, and alignment—specifically of the hips and shoulder blades. She creates a supportive atmosphere and allows her students to experiment with her dynamic and rhythmic choreography.

Check out Cheri's RYB profile, or write her a review.

Cheri Opperman_Best Dance Instructors Boston

13. Jeannette Neill

(Jeannette Neill Dance Studio)

Jeannette founded her namesake school in 1979 and has taught at many national and international schools, including the Broadway Dance Center in New York. Her teaching style focuses on classic jazz, and her classes include a lot of pliés, tendues, turns, and jumps. Her mantra: "The secret to jazz is plié."

Check out Jeannette's RYB profile, or write her a review.

Jeannette Neil_Best Dance Instructor Boston

12. Nicole Pierce

(Green Street Studios)

Nicole teaches intermediate and advanced modern dance at Green Street Studios and also serves on the dance faculty at Emerson College. In 1999, she founded her own dance theater company, EgoArt, where she's the artistic director. Her students love her for her quirky and athletic style and her friendly and engaging personality.

Check out Nicole's RYB profile, or write her a review.

Nicole Pierce_Best Dance Instructors Boston

11. Mina Murray

(The Boston Academy of Burlesque Education)

You didn't think we'd forget about burlesque, did you? Mina is the co-founder of Boston Babydolls, which was voted "Best Burlesque Company" by The Improper Bostonian in 2012, and is credited for revitalizing the burlesque scene in Boston. She's the headmistress at BABE and creates a judgements-free environment in her classes. She's funny, knowledgeable, and makes her students feel confident in their own skin.

Check out Mina's RYB profile, or write her a review

Mina Murray_Best Dance Instructors Boston

10. Michele Cloutier

(Dance in Boston)

Michele is the owner of Dance in Boston. She grew up studying jazz and ballet and has been a ballroom dancing instructor since 1993, teaching swing, salsa, waltz, and several others. She teaches private and group lessons and is the ideal instructor for teaching people how to dance at their weddings.

Check out Michele's RYB profile, or write her a review.

Michele Cloutier_Best Dance Instructors Boston

9. Rommel Childress

(Impulse Dance Company)

Rommel has been a choreographer for over 6 years and teaches hip-hop at Impulse Dance Company. He's great at creating the perfect atmosphere where beginners can feel comfortable standing next to the pros. His classes are based on the routines you see in music videos, and he's always looking for dancers for his clients. So if you ever wanted to be a fly girl (or guy) or just feel like one, Rommel may be your man.

Check out Rommel's RYB profile, or write him a review.

Rommel Childress_Best Dance Instructors Boston

8. Jean Josue Appolon

(The Dance Complex)

Jean Josue was born and raised in Haiti and has been dancing ballet and Haitian folkloric dance since the age of 13. After moving to the U.S., he studied at the Harvard and Radcliff Dance Program and Alvin Ailey, graduating from the Joffrey American Ballet School in 2003. He teaches Haitian and modern dance, and his classes are sweaty and fun. You'll be sore from his modern classes in places you didn't know you had.

Check out Jean's RYB profile, or write him a review.

Jean Appolon_Best Dance Instructors Boston

7. Honey Blonder

(The Dance Complex, Cambridge Center for Adult Education)

Aside from having the coolest name ever, Honey is an accomplished dancer and choreographer. She started her dance career at the Lee Strasberg Theatre in New York and has choreographed several performances since. She teaches Jazz/Funk, a high-energy hip-hop class set to pop and hip-hop tunes.

Check out Honey's RYB profile, or write her a review.

Honey Blonder_Best Dance Instructors Boston

6. Kieran Jordan

(Boston Percussive Dance)

Kieran's specialty is Irish dance. Born and raised in Philly in an Irish-American family, she's been Irish dancing since the age of 5. She has a passion for old-style Irish dance, and her personal style is a combination of the formal technique and a more playful improvised percussive method. She's a co-founder of Boston Percussive Dance and teaches beginner to advanced students. No matter your level, she's great at creating a supportive environment, teaches techniques that improve rhythm, and is generally an inspiration to her students.

Check out Kieran's RYB profile, or write her a review.

Kieran Jordan_Best Dance Instructors Boston

5. Tarikh Campbell

(Static Noyze Dance Company, Jeannette Neill Dance Studio, The Dance Complex)

Tarikh has danced with a number of dance crews over the year, among them: the award winning Static Noyze. The Jersey boy didn't start dancing, however, until his freshman year in college when he joined the MIT Dance Troupe. He quickly grew into a leader on the hip-hop scene, becoming captain of MIT's Ridonkulous dance team and founding the hip-hop group, Side Project. (An interesting piece of trivia: Tarikh graduated MIT with a degree in Chemical-Biological Engineering.) His classes are amazing. From the choreography (fierce) to the song choices (everything from old-school R&B to Jay-Z), it's an all-around high-caliber hip-hop class.

Check out Tarikh's RYB profile, or write him a review.


4. Carl Alleyne

(The Dance Complex)

Carl has shared the stage with the likes of Gladys Knight, Ray Charles, Speech of Arrested Development, Elton John, and other music icons. He's choreographed and worked on the films Furry Vengeance and Knight and Day, appeared on MTV's Made as a dance instructor, and worked on several other shows and projects. He's an incredible dancer and an amazing instructor. He teaches a hip-hop based class at The Dance Complex and is great about breaking down each of the moves. His students love him for his great energy and nice personality. Leave your pretenses at the door. His classes are straight-up fun.

Check out Carl's RYB profile, or write him a review.

Carl Alleyne_Best Dance Instructors Boston

3. Mai Telesford

(House of Dance)

Mai has been dancing since she was 2. She started her training in Nihon-buyo (Japanese traditional dance) and went on to learn jazz, tap, ballet, and rhythmic gymnastics while working as an assistant instructor (at the age of 13). After high school, she moved to Tokyo where she studied hip-hop for a few years, then moved to New York to train at the Broadway Dance Center. She teaches Cardio Hip-Hop, a sort of hip-hop Japanimation fusion class.

Check out Mai's RYB profile, or write her a review.


2. Marcus Schulkind

(Green Street Studios)

Marcus, one of the founders of Green Street Studios, has been dancing for over 40 years. His training is based on the Graham Technique. He studied ballet at Julliard for a year during college and has performed with several national and international dance companies. After seriously injuring his knee, his career took a turn and he began to make a name for himself as a choreographer and instructor (he's also an acupuncturist). His classes are physically and mentally challenging. His sarcastic sense of humor, spot-on corrections, and individual feedback make for the perfect class experience. You're bound to improve your technique in Marcus's class.

Check out Marcus's RYB profile, or write him a review.

Marcus Schulkind_Best Dance Instructors Boston

1. Deraldo Ferreira

(The Dance Complex, Green Street Studios)

Deraldo began studying capoeira in Brazil at the age of 14, became a certified Mestre in 1984, and is credited as being among the first to bring the art form to the U.S. He's also an accomplished musician and the founder of the Brazilian Cultural Center of New England, where he gives samba drumming and dancing lessons. His classes are fast-paced and fun and, because he teaches with another instructor, Deraldo can work the room and help the students who are struggling. If you want to experience some of Deraldo's magic, do it quick. Rumor has it he's leaving the snowy New England city for the sunny beaches of Brazil later this year.

Check out Deraldo's RYB profile, or write him a review.

Deraldo Ferreira_Best Dance Instructors Boston

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