RateYourBurn | Happy Valentine's Day, Burners! Check out these Holiday-Appropriate Heart-Butt Pants

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Burners... Hope you're showing some love to the tush today by getting your sweat on! We came across these adorably appropriate spandex pants today, which happen to also be on sale at FitFrosting (which is like a flash-sale deal site for fitness gear). Check out those cute heart-shaped buns!

heart butt leggings nina roze

I <3 My Buttcheeks

These beauts are on sale now at FitFrosting (we may or may not have already ordered them in every color...) Here's a link to the sale. They're designed by Nina B. Roze.

Full view of the heart butt leggings (by designer Nina B. Roze)

nina roze heart butt leggings

They also come in different colors...

heart butt pants nina roze

Alright kids. Stop looking at these butts and go touch one yourself. Happy Vday burners!




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