RateYourBurn | Pimp Your Rice Cake: 15 Creative Rice Cake Toppings

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Rice cakes: They have virtually no calories, weigh nothing, and alone they have little taste; but they make an amazing base for delicious toppings and healthy snacks (assuming you don't slather them with nutella and marshmallow fluff, that is). However, given their natural dryness, you need to follow a few simple rules to make for a delicious snack. Here are some tips and 15 delicious ideas for making the rice cake into a staple for healthy snacking.

fig fetta tahini and thyme rice cake

Here's the thing about rice cakes:

  • They have virtually zero calories. Which means if you can figure out how to make them delicious, they're a great tool. Because they are puffed (and mostly air), they appear to contain more food than they actually do, which is great for portion control.
  • They're gluten free. Because they're made of rice. Duh. This makes them a great swap for bread and dough in certain recipes.
  • They don't have a ton of taste. Which is a good thing! It means you can go either savory or sweet with your rice cake creations.
  • They are dry as bone. Unlike bread, they won't immediately absorb tany ingredient that you put on them. But they will start to absorb after a time, so many of these snacks can become more delicious if you make your snack and wait a few minutes before eating. Also, make sure to put the "wet" ingredients go directly on the cake.

So without further ado, here are 15 delicious ways to pimp your rice cake!

1. Fig, Fetta, Tahini and Thyme (above, from 84thand3rd.com). This combination is sweet, salty, soft and crunchy. The addition of fig makes it feel more decadent, too!

2. Raw Avocado Lime Mousse on Rice Cakes (thekitchn.com). "This raw, vegan, gluten–free avocado lime mousse will take you to the tropical paradise of your grandest dreams and fill you up with health and happiness."

Raw Avocado Lime Mousse on Rice Cakes

3. Rice Cake Pizza (Lundberg). Yes, you heard us right: pizza on a rice cake. The great thing about this is that as the tomato sauce soaks into the cake, it will get a bit more of a "bread-y" texture. Add any pizza toppings you like!

pizza-rice-cake toppings

4. Rice Cake Tuna Melts. Still a comfort food, hold the gluten. If you're putting these in the oven make sure to watch so you don't burn the cakes.

The photo below shows a recipe using Orgran Toasted Buckwheat Crispibread (from The Lean Gourmet Kitchen). Many of these rice cake toppings would be equally delicious snack atop gluten-free crackers.

runa melt rice cracker cake toppings

5. Rice Cake Topped with Chia, Coconut, Almond Butter and Honey (Laurel Wassner). These toppings would also be fantastic on oatmeal...

Rice Cake Chia Coconut Almond Butter and Honey

6. Rice Cake Topped with Chocolate Mashed Banana and Almonds (Susie Rice). Mash up a banana and add cocoa powder (honey & vanilla optional). Spread the mixture on a rice cake and add sliced almonds and coconut.

Rice Cake Mashed Banana with Choco Almonds

7. Rice cake with almond butter, hemp hearts and ground flax seeds (9cupchallenge.wordpress.com). A great way to add some fibre and Omega-3 on your diet.

Rice Cake Hemp Hearts and Ground Flax Seeds

8. Open Faced Hummus Sandwich (yuppieyogini.com). So simple but so delicious. Try it with a savory flavored rice cracker for an extra pop of taste.

Open Faced Hummus Sandwich Rice Cake Toppings

9. Brown Rice Cakes Topped with Avocado and a Runny Egg, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Squash (Ashley Fit Life). Breakfast sandwich? Replace the bread with a rice cake. Tip: break the yolk and let it soak into the rice cake for a minute.

Brown Rice Cakes Avocado Runny Egg Broccoli Caulif

10. Chocolate Rice Cake, Ricotta Cheese, Peaches with Cinnamon and Cherries (Pinterest). Chocolate rice cakes: Yes, they exist. If you like the cottage cheese/fruit combo, this snack is a winner.

Chocolate Rice Cake Ricotta Cheese Peaches

11. Chocolate Rice Cake Topped with Greek Yogurt and Fresh Berries (Yoori Kim). Looks like a waffle from afar, looks like a healthy snack up close.

Chocolate Rice Cake Non Fat Plain Greek Yogurt Ber

12. Cottage Cheese on Rice Cake Topped with Nuts (skinnysimplerecipes.blogspot.ca) Simple and delicious.

Cottage Cheese on Rice Cake Topped with Nuts

13. Open-faced California Roll on Rice Cakes (Eiren Menhennitt). Rice cakes are made of rice, right? This combo makes for a new-age sushi roll. Instead of wrapping the ingredients in rice, stick them on top with some shaved seaweed and a sprinkle of sesame. Drip soy sauce on top to complete.

Open faced Spicy California Roll on Rice Cakes

14. Rice Cake Topped with Pear, Cheese (bitedelite.com). A gourmet rice cake option. We recommend feta or goat. The recipe below uses bread, but you can swap that right out for a cake.

Sandwich Pear and Cheese Healthy Rice Cakes

15. Fruit-Topped Rice Cakes with Blended Ricotta (saturdayeveningpost.com). Ricotta can skew either sweet or savory; spread some on plain, or mix it with some honey and cinnamon. Top with fruit. On mini rice cakes, these would make a great app to serve to your healthy friends, too.

Blueberry Topped Rice Cakes

Enjoy your rice-caking!



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Jo-Ann Blondin 04/08/2013

Great post and so many great ideas on how to use rice cakes.  I will definitely be trying some of these ideas out in the future.

Jo-Ann Blondin 9CupChallenge.com

Lactic Addict 04/08/2013

Thanks for your delicious recipe Jo-Ann! Keep up the great content Smile

Elisa 11/30/2013

Thank you so much! I bought the rice cakes as an alternative to a healthy snack, and did not know how to use them! ... But you helped me a lot!

Ann Bond 03/14/2015

I have only just started a gluten-free diet and am enjoying rice cakes with plain cottage cheese at the mo. but I will look forward to trying out these delicious recipes.  Thank you so much!

Dipti  08/12/2015

Thank you! All of them seem delicious! let me try some ummmm...

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