RateYourBurn | Power-Hydrate: 13 Delicious Chia Drink Recipes

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We're here to make your wildest dreams come true - by scattering chia seeds into your hydration station. This is for real...Ch-ch-ch-chia, in drinkable form. When soaked in water, chia seeds become gelatinous and bubbly - creating a sort of all-natural bubble tea. Add a handful to your favorite pre-workout sip to get your protein in and hydrate simultaneously. Chia is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein - a complete protein with zero gluten. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at this winning list of chia beverage recipes from around the web.

chia agua fresca

1. Chia Agua Fresca (insonnetskitchen.com). "This recipe is a fun twist on the traditional agua fresca, a fruit-flavored water cooler."

2. Strawberry Lemonade Chia Seed Drink (find recipe at nouveauraw.com). "This drink is great for preventing dehydration during exercise or exposure to heat. Chia seeds have hydrophilic properties, and can absorb more than 9 times their weight in water."

Strawberry Lemonade Chia Seed Drink

3. Chia Fresca (find recipe at ohsheglows.com). "It’s so much more fun than drinking plain water! Plus, it’s a total conversation starter much like bringing a Green Monster into the work place."

Chia Fresca

4. Mango Chia Limeade (find recipe at easyeats.com). "If you’ve ever tasted a chia seed drink, you may have felt conflicted by the texture. It’s odd — sort of like drinking thin tapioca pudding — but totally addictive at the same time. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself hooked."

Mango Chia Limeade

5. Refreshing Hibiscus Chia Drink (find recipe at motherearthliving.com). "This Hibiscus Chia Drink recipe gives the traditional chia fresca drink a creative twist. The tartness of hibiscus tea paired with the sweetness of honey and the viscous chia gel come together in superbly refreshing harmony."

Refreshing Hibiscus Chia Drink

6. Lime Chia Fresca (find recipe at thesparkledsidewalk.com). "It is not only refreshing but it keeps your body flowing. Literally. and if you can not handle the clean taste of pure h20 then guzzle on a chia fresca. Check it out."

Lime Chia Drink

7. Vanilla Frozen Coffee Health Drink with Chia (find recipe at somethingedible.com). "This frozen coffee works great as a post-workout meal replacer and will keep you full until it's time for dinner!"

Chia Frozen Coffee Drink

8. Refreshing Blueberry Chia Fizz Drink (find recipe at thechiclife.com). "The drink was barely sweet and barely fruity in a totally good way. The hints of flavors with fresh mint and citrus made the drink taste so perfect for a hot summer day."

Refreshing Blueberry Chia Fizz Drink

9. Blood Orange, Peach & Chia Seeds (find recipe at 17apart.com). "It was the perfect cool treat to sit down and relax with and we like to think it helped restore some of the energy we burned working."

Blood Orange, Peach & Chia Seeds

10. Cherry Limeade Chia Fresca (find recipe at lexieskitchen.com). "Cherry Lime Chia Fresca; easy to make, fun to drink."

Cherry Limeade Chia Fresca

11. Chia Colada (find recipe at bitchindietitian.com). "Chia Cheers!"

Chia Colada

12. Pre-workout Hydration Powerhouse (find recipe at blog.walkjogrun.net). "It contains three key ingredients. Four if you count H2O. But the others are Chia seeds, coconut water, and green tea. A splash of lemon or lime for some fruity flavor and honey for sweetening if you wish."

pre-workout hydration powerhouse

13. Refreshing Chia Lemon Drink (find recipe at simplynaturalhealth.com). "This makes it a great addition to a drink. And it is entirely flavor-neutral, so if you’re good with the texture (which is kind of fun, if you like tapioca pudding, you’ll like chia!) you’re going to love this new drink."

Refreshing Chia Lemon Drink

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