RateYourBurn | Is Freekeh the Next Quinoa? 11 Delicious Supergrain Salad Recipes

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Let's get freekeh! If you haven't heard of this grain, you will soon - it's getting more and more popular in health food stores. Freekeh is essentially baby wheat - wheat that is harvested early (when it's still green) and then roasted, which gives it what some consider a smoky taste. The benefit of early harvesting is also nutritional - freekeh contains a lot more protein than mature wheat, and also twice the fiber of quinoa. Another important bonus is that cracked freekeh cooks up on the faster side when it comes to grains - in just 20 minutes. Try it out with one of these 11 scrumptious freekeh salad recipes!

freekeh salad recipes

1. Earth Bowl

...(find recipe at scandifoodie.blogspot.com). "This is truly a bowl of goodness!"


2. Burghul & Freekeh Pilaf

...(find recipe at deliciouseveryday.com). "Apart from being delicious and nutritious is that it is extremely easy to cook."

Freekeh Lentil Pilaf

3. Freekeh Salad with Blackberry Ginger Vinaigrette

...(find recipe at scalingbackblog.com). "Sweet juicy blackberries, tart citrusy kumquats and smoky freekeh make a satisfying and unique salad."

freekeh salad with blackberry ginger vinaigrette

4. Sweet Curried Freekeh Salad

...(find recipe at veganmiam.com). "Sweet Curried Freekeh Salad turned out fantastic, with tomatoes, shallots, and kale, including the gluten-free and raw Nutcase Crunch."


5. Freekeh Salad with Mixed Nuts and Roasted Tomatoes 

...(find recipe at oneequalstwo.wordpress.com). "This recipe is a definite keeper."

Freekeh Salad with Mixed Nuts and Roasted Tomatoes

6. Freekeh Salad with Chicken and Kale

...(find recipe at bonappetit.com). "Heavy cream, leafy kale, salty asiago cheese, and plenty of garlic. Add in a few extra players—pan-seared chicken and one of our favorite grains—and dinner’s practically done."

Freekeh Salad with Chicken and Kale

7. Kale Caesar with Whole Wheat Croutons and Freekeh

...(find recipe at make-meals.blogspot.com). "So much better tasting (and better for you!)."


8. Freekeh Salad with Cucumber, Pistachios and Mint

...(find recipe at examiner.com). "To make the salad vegan, just leave the cheese off (obviously!)."

Freekeh Salad with Cucumber, Pistachios and Mint

9. Freekeh Salad

...(find recipe at theweiserkitchen.com). "It works well in any kind of grain dish, just the way wheat berries do."

Freekeh Salad

10. Freekeh and Shredded Kale Salad with Beets & Feta

...(find recipe at thecornerkitchenblog.com). "This one definitely fits the bill."


11. Freekeh, Almond & Baby Spinach Salad

...(find recipe at thestonesoup.com). "A salad that is fresh yet hearty."

Freekeh, Almond & Baby Spinach Salad

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