RateYourBurn | Trending in New York: 10 Most Popular Instructors of the Week

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April is here! Only 10 days until taxes are due (sorry, are we stressing you out?) and you may either 1) have some steam to blow off about all the money uncle Sam is taking from you or 2) have some extra cash on hand from your refund. In RateYourBurnLand, both scenarios are an obvious reason to go take a group fitness class. So why don't you get your butt to the gym with one of these #trendy instructors?

in new york city popular fitness instructors

1. Rebecca Sahn

(Crank Cycling Studio)

burnbabyburn822: "Rebecca's choreography, amazing energy and great music make it really fun!" [see full review]

Burner9983b: "Rebecca is an inspiring and enthusiastic instructor... the best!" [see full review]

Rebecca Sahn NYC Trending Instructors

2. Isaac Adams

(Trinity Boxing Club)

SixgunSamurai: "Isaac also ... an incredible wealth of exercise variations in his repertoire so the exercises are always new and your muscles will always be surprised." [see full review]

dks208: "Issac work his way around a wide variety of exercises over time so you're constantly challenging your body in new & different ways." [see full review]

Isaac Adams NYC Trending Trainers

3. Chad Levy

(Physique 57)

barreandspinforever: "He has so much energy and motivation to give that it's impossible not to feel more energized by the end." [see full review]

Burner9527: "He is motivating, provides great corrections throughout the class and has some of the best music." [see full review]

Chad Levy NYC Trending Trainers

4. Tara Stiles

(Strala Yoga, Chi Yoga)

gayo: "Perfectly planned and curated class. Tara is simply the best." [see full review]

BurnBurn: "Tara's class is incredible and unique." [see full review]

tara stiles NYC Trending Trainers

5. Timothy Bish

(Equinox, Jivamukti Yoga School, Yogaworks)

Burner9275: "He is that rare combination of a highly skilled practitioner and a natural teacher who can guide, motivate and inspire." [see full review]

Burner79: "Tim has a wonderful personality and a well-designed class so you’ll be engaged the entire time." [see full review]

Tim Bish NYC trending Trainers

6. Rupa Mehta

(Nalini Method, Chelsea Piers Sports Club)

Burner5273: "Rupa is a great instructor - she really knows what she is talking about." [see full review]

User1733: "She will notice everything you do and make great corrections." [see full review]

Rupa Mehta NYC Trending Trainers

7. Clinton Wizelius

(Flywheel Sports)

friendofburnmaster: "The class was definitely hard but he was motivating and very nice!" [see full review]

trab425: "Clinton does a good job though working the group he has, often moving around the room and motivating individual riders." [see full review]

Clinton Wizelius NYC Trending Instructors

8. Jamal Smith


nycgypsy: "The music was spot on and works perfectly with his style." [see full review]

TheGenerator: "He had his music planned out. He had some great mash-ups." [see full review]

Jamal Smith Equinox Studio Cycling review

9. Lauren Skonieczny

(Crank Cycling Studio)

Burner9998: "Lauren is a great spin instructor. She does a great job of explaining upcoming moves and providing instructions." [see full review]

Burnernyc: "She does straight rides, very little choreography, and includes weights." [see full review]

Lauren Skonieczny NYC Trending Trainers

10. Liz Lefrois


User1531: "Not only is she warm and sweet, she is a fabulous and talented instructor." [see full review]

mylittlechi: "Liz is really awesome- she hits every muscle and throws cardio intervals in between exercises." [see full review]

Liz Lefrois NYC Trending Trainers

Will your fave instructor be trending next week? Git rating!


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