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How is April treating you, burners? Are you getting in all your April sweatshowers? For many of us, rooftop season is right around the corner (well, for some of us rooftop season is year-round... have we told lately that we hate you, citizens of Los Angeles??), but either way it's time to kick it up a notch and tune up your routine in time to feel great without those sleeves/shoes/pants. Good thing these trendy fitness instructors are here to help.

in new york city popular fitness instructors

1. Nick Pratley


User1931: "When he speaks , its all from the heart, his music is freaking amazing, its like one big party!" [see full review]

Jmer817: "His class is a nonstop dance party and the light Nick exudes is simply unmatched." [see full review]

Nick Pratley NYC Trending Fitness trainers

2. Jay Centeno

(SLT - Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone, Barry's Bootcamp)

Burner4465: "Jay is a constant motivator and while he may be tough on you it's the good kind of tough love that gets you through a class and leaves you feeling great." [see full review]

Quads: "He takes total control over the room. The best part is how he incorporates the routines/exercises with the music and uses the lights to add drama." [see full review]

Jay Centeno NYC Trending Trainers

3. Sydney Miller


Burner8811: "The energy in the room is amazing and it's impossible not to get excited." [see full review]

Burner9371: "Sydney's energy, music and love for what she does is completely amazing." [see full review]

Sydney Miller NYC Trending Trainers

4. Dianne Clemente

(Crunch, Surfset Fitness)

DBKBurn: "She's vocal, energetic and makes you feel like you're dancing at a club, not sweating your butt off on a stationary bike." [see full review]

HopeA617: "She doesn't allow much time for resting in between songs, helping to keep you motivated and working the whole 45 minutes. She is always SO HIGH ENERGY." [see full review]

Dianne Clemente NYC Trending Trainers

5. Melissa Dungao

(Z Club NY, New York Open Center)

User1705: "She is friendly and keeps an eye on her class students to see that they are comfortable and doing the moves correctly." [see full review]

Burner10104: "I loved the music and she did not let up with her energy, she's a firecracker!" [see full review]

Melissa Dungao NYC Trending Trainers

6. Daury Dross

(David Barton, The Fhitting Room)

SpinDude1964: "Daury definitely keeps me focused and won't let me quit when it becomes too hard." [see full review]

wutang36: "Perfect mix of challenging you, correcting your form, and keeping you entertained while you kill yourself." [see full review]

Daury Dross NYC Trending Instructors

7. Caitlin Krause

(SLT (strengthen, Lengthen, Tone), Pure Yoga)

Burner9071: "She is super confident while still seeming totally approachable." [see full review]

kneader0017: "She has a keen sense when it comes to cheating in a movement, and in doing so she motivates you to do the movement the correct way, in order to feel the burn and not get injured!" [see full review]

Caitlin Krause NYC Trending Instructor

8. Jena Maenius

(Yoga Vida, Equinox)

Burner2548: "She has a wonderful flow in her classes and has a calmness about her that radiates through the classroom." [see full review]

equinoxlover: "Can we talk about her adjustments? Juicy and amazing! She really helped me get into my twists and also helped me with going deeper into my hamstring stretch." [see full review] 

Jena Maenius NYC Trending Trainers

9. Conor Kelly


Addicted2class83: "His music is amazing and he keeps you entertained working out so hard you want to curse but smiling the while time" [see full review]

BirkinXanax: "He is an authentic guide who brings love gratitude energy and heavy flirtation to the room." [see full review]

Conor Kelly NYC Trending  Trainers

10. Elgin Mccargo

(New York Sports Club)

Burner10106: "If you want to lose weight and tone up these are great classes with a great instructor with awesome music taste and a cheery disposition." [see full review]

Elgin Mccargo NYC Trending Trainers

Will your fave instructor be trending next week? Git rating!


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