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  • September 01, 2014
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amanda butler bfx studio class review

Where: BFX Studio, 555 6th Avenue, New York, NY

BFX: Butler's Fabulous eXercise

Lately, I have been on a real strength kick. Now that the summer is over, perhaps I'm working on next year's beach body since this year's didn't pan out so great. But what I have found is that outside of CrossFit, it's been difficult for me to find really good strength-focused classes around the city. Enter BFX Studio, Amanda Butler, and my new favorite kettlebells I've ever played with. Rounding up to a 5....  [More]

nyc hiring fitness studios

Are you a fitness professional looking for some new gigs? These 14 NYC-based studios are all looking for top talent. Whether you teach cycling, Pilates, yoga, barre, Crossfit, bootcamp, or TRX, there is a serious need for great talent in the NYC market right now. This is a perfect time to expand your practice - maybe one of these studios could be your new home!...  [More]

in new york city popular fitness instructors

Anyone else who can't stop thinking about Robin Williams? We are on a full-throttle Robin Williams movie kick, not to mention this week's NPR replay of his beautiful (and hilarious) 2006 interview. Has nothing to do with fitness, we know, but we couldn't let the week go by without mentioning him. Let's get our butts up off the couch and give thanks to our bodies and brains for allowing us to live one more day. No matter your mental state, everyone can use an endorphin rush....  [More]

in new york city popular fitness instructors

Is August really almost here? Because we haven't quite soaked up enough summer yet. And while summer means sun sippin' and cocktail sippin', it also means tons of fun outdoor workouts and also tons of fun indoor air-conditioned workouts (is it weird that we escape the heat by going to sweat it out in an air-conditioned room? Don't judge). Either way, the city is teeming with instructors who are ready to help you sweat both indoors and out. Here are this week's trendiest!...  [More]

june instructors gossip

It's the June instructor shuffle roundup! Trying hard to keep track of all of the studio movement in the fitness instructor universe? Here's a summary of recent studio switches and news. Who's new at your studio? Who's leaving? What's opening? What's closing? Who had a baby? We're here to help with your monthly fitness instructor and studio scoop....  [More]